Welcome to Telroy Inc. your telecommunications equipment broker.

At Telroy Inc., our main focus is to provide excellent products and services that exceed our customer expectations. We are confident that we can reduce your telecom costs.

Hereís how we can help you achieve your goals:

  • TURN IDLE INVENTORY INTO CASH. We will buy your surplus Nortel equipment.

  • LOWER COSTS. By providing competitive prices on Nortel telecom equipment, such as phone sets and line cards, we can considerably lower your costs.

  • PROTECT YOUR ORIGINAL INVESTMENT. We can provide the Nortel hardware required to maintain your current system so that you donít have to replace it.

  • COST EFFECTIVE UPGRADES, EXPANSIONS, INSTALLATIONS. Using our Nortel equipment, you can expand or upgrade your system, add voicemail or call centre functionality, at much lower cost.
For more information, you can call Roy at (204) 253-1331.

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